The EU referendum and the third sector in Wales

Will the recent EOI I have submitted under RCDF still be considered?

RDP funding has a clear timetable for the submission and consideration of EOI's on their website and they have confirmed that all EOI's which have been received in recently closed windows will continue through the application process. Further windows will be issued in the coming months so please make sure you visit the website to stay updated.

How long does WCVA have EU funding for?

Active Inclusion Funds have been awarded until varying dates across 2018/2019 however this is subject to ongoing review and performance. 3-SET have funding to 2018 then a possible extension subject to a successful mid-point review. If all the funds that we are supporting are being delivered, we may be successful in securing extended funding.

Has WCVA got any thoughts on how to replace the funding from Europe?

During the campaign, in the run up to the referendum, promises were made that in the event of a leave vote, Wales would not lose a penny in funding. WCVA will continue to lobby the government to push for equivalent funding after any exit from the European Union. It could be argued that leaving Europe will bring wider opportunities for the sector.

WCVA with its partners will look to continue to help the sector diversify its funding sources as much as possible to ensure that the sector can continue to deliver the important activities and services it does currently and also help us grow in the future.

Will WCVA be engaging with politicians to ensure that securing future funding for Wales is a priority?

Yes, we have already met with the Secretary of State for Wales, Alan Cairns. Mr Cairns is interested in what the third sector has to say and what the implications may be following the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. WCVA has a second meeting planned with the Secretary of State and he has expressed his desire for continued open dialogue.

What can projects do to help make sure we can demonstrate a need for future funding?

We need to make sure projects spend the money we currently have access to, if you have wanted to get involved in European funding but have put it off in the past, now is the time to give it a go!

Deliver, hit the targets and make sure you are vigilant with your audits. Delivering against what has been promised will help to build a strong case for continued funding.

Can WCVA still talk to the EU Commission?

WCVA are still able to talk to the commission about things that are not related to the result of the referendum. Commission officials are not able to talk to anyone officially about Britain leaving the EU until Article 50 is formally triggered.

How will WCVA ensure it will be part of the important round table discussions over the coming years?

We will make sure that we are aware of what's going on and will ensure the third sector has a voice at as many discussions as possible. At the moment, many discussions are being held 'in-house' by government officials as they are formulating their strategy.

The discussions we have had with civil servants is that government want to engage with wider stakeholders and we will certainly want to be around that table. We will continue to engage with the sector as these discussions evolve.

Members of the public could contact MPs or attend their surgeries to raise concerns and ensure the right questions are asked in the House of Commons. What questions should our Welsh MPs be asking the Government during the negotiation / exit process?

We need to make sure Welsh MPs are lobbying for continued support after any exit from the EU and that any funding which is available to the third sector in Wales will remain available. How will the government make sure the priorities currently funded will continue to receive support?

Many organisations are working to tackle the surge in hate crime following the referendum, how will WCVA support this work?

Division has become apparent in the wake of the EU Referendum between politicians and our communities. We feel the third sector is best placed to help government re-engage with the population. We will take this message forward to people such as Alan Cairns (Secretary of State for Wales) to make sure funding and support is provided to help tackle this behaviour.

What has been the reaction of WCVA's contacts in the EU (both in the commission and the voluntary sector)?

The reaction has been one of complete shock. Many civil society organisations across Europe who we have had discussions with could not believe the result of the referendum. It has prompted a lot of work throughout the EU by civil society organisations as they also recognise that a lot of problems stem from the disenchantment of individuals furthest from government.

There will be a convention in La Rochelle in October bringing together around 250 civil society organisations working on the subject of disenfranchisement of communities. The result has made these organisations aware that there is a need for serious engagement with society.

Is WCVA planning to work in partnership with CVCs to keep the sector informed on a regular basis e.g. ongoing regional updates, email bulletins etc?

Yes, WCVA will work with the CVC's to ensure that information and updates are distributed as far throughout the sector as possible.

In the short term is there anything we can do directly at WCVA to support you with this work going forward?

Keep talking to us. Let us know what is going on, maintain a good dialogue.

Please contact with any questions or queries that you may have as we move forward