WCVA is working with members and a range of partners over the coming months to develop proposals on developing more resilient communities. Within this, we’re particularly interested in what needs to happen to achieve more empowered communities. We will share these proposals with our members and Welsh Government in the autumn.

What are we doing? 

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We are working with a range of third sector networks in Wales to stimulate discussion within the sector. These include BAME Alliance, Children in Wales, CWVYS, DTA Cymru, Interfaith Council for Wales, Third Sector Support Wales, Urdd Gobaith Cymru and Wales Equality Group. We're also drawing on the knowledge, experience and networks of our Communities First Support Service.

To support initial ideas, we've developed a joint discussion paper with Talwrn. This has a number of questions to help get us thinking. We hope it will also be useful for other groups to develop their own thinking.

We'll be hosting a number of discussion sessions online and face to face over the summer and September. These will be opportunities to share and discuss different ideas from across and beyond the sector. This included our panel debate at WCVA's stand at the 2017 Eisteddfod, which is now available to view.

You can also join in our Twitter chat on Tuesday, 12 September, 12.30-1.30pm. If you've got anything you'd like to say or questions you'd like to ask, join us using the hashtag #ResilientCommunities.

We're also keen to link with others working in this area. If you are, please get in touch. For example, we've hosted two roundtable sessions with Carnegie UK Trust to discuss implications from their Turnaround Towns work for towns in Wales.  


How can you get involved?

Listen to our podcast series

Follow activities on the Twitter hashtag #ResilientCommunities and have look at the summary of our Twitter chat

Send us a vlog with your thoughts - read our vlog instructions

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