Each Welsh Minister meets with representatives from the third sector twice a year, this is an important way for us to feed our views into policy making and improve service delivery.

Ministerial Meetings 2015

As part of the third sector scheme each Welsh Government Minister is committed to meeting with representatives of the relevant networks of third sector organisations covering their areas of responsibility at least twice in any one calendar year.

Please note the Ministerial Meeting guide linked to above will be updated soon. The current version remains live for your reference only; information within may not be up-to-date.

Who attends the ministerial meetings?

Each ministerial meeting is attended by the relevant Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary or Minister and officials and representatives from the third sector. In 2000 the Third Sector Partnership Council agreed that a 'map' should be drawn up identifying all national third sector networks that bring together groups sharing a common interest - where no network was identified in major interest areas, significant individual organisations were asked to act as the network for this interest area.

The aim of producing the map is to ensure appropriate representation at ministerial meetings by identifying relevant national third sector networks for each ministerial portfolio. Each network is asked to nominate a representative. Third sector representatives on the Third Sector Partnership Council, including representatives from the county voluntary councils, are also invited to each ministerial meeting.

Please get in touch with the relevant WCVA contact (these are listed in the table below) for details about the networks currently linked to each ministerial portfolio, and the names of the representatives.

Preparing for the meetings

WCVA has responsibility for arranging at least two planning meetings to prepare for each ministerial meeting, and also ensures that the issues raised from the third sector are of broad relevance across the sector in order to maximise the effectiveness of the meetings. The third sector representatives should attend at least one of the two planning meetings and, if they wish to attend the meeting with a minister, should also attend the pre-meeting (usually held on the same day as the ministerial meeting). They are expected to put forward agenda items and prepare papers as necessary. They have a duty to feed back to their network and ensure effective two-way communication between the sector and the ministerial meetings. Civil servants work with WCVA policy leads to prepare agendas, brief ministers about agenda items, prepare minutes of all ministerial meetings, and pursue action points agreed at meetings.

Want to know more?

The Welsh Government Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers and their portfolio areas are listed below. Click on each Portfolio title to be taken to news on the most recent Ministerial Meeting in that area. More news will be added to this section as Ministerial Meetings happen.

Please email us or call the Helpdesk on 0800 288 8329 to get in touch with the WCVA contacts.


Portfolio Cabinet Secretary/Minister WCVA lead
Communities and Children

Carl Sargeant 

Anna Nicholl - anicholl@wcva.org.uk
Finance and Local Government

Mark Drakeford

Anna Nicholl - anicholl@wcva.org.uk

Health, Wellbeing and Sport

Vaughan Gething

Ruth Marks - rmarks@wcva.org.uk

Environment and Rural Affairs

Lesley Griffiths

Clare Sain-ley-Berry - cberry@wcva.org.uk

Economy and Infrastructure

Ken Skates

Matthew Brown - mbrown@wcva.org.uk


Kirsty Williams

Judith Stone - jstone@wcva.org.uk

Social Services and Public Health

Rebecca Evans

Ruth Marks - rmarks@wcva.org.uk

Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language

Alun Davies

Judith Stone - jstone@wcva.org.uk

Skills and Science

Julie James

Matthew Brown - mbrown@wcva.org.uk