6 Nov 2019

We have responded to Welsh Government’s consultation on its draft International Strategy.

In it, we have commented that we would like to have seen more involvement of voluntary organisations in the development of the strategy and express concern about the lack of mention of the sector as a whole.

We also note that:

  • We welcome the commitment to work across sectors on this agenda.
  • That the draft Strategy doesn't celebrate the vibrant cultural life of Wales at community level, coordinated by voluntary groups.
  • There is no mention of community-based sports projects, despite the role Wales plays in sport on the world stage.
  • We need further details about what may happen with Erasmus+ post-Brexit.
  • Equalities and human rights need to be protected post-Brexit, but there is little mention of this.
  • To ensure Wales' place as a centre for 'sustainable tourism', environmental voluntary groups need to be resourced.

You can read our full response here.