20 Sep 2019

In December 2018 WCVA received funding from Welsh Government’s European Transition Fund to explore the possible impact of Brexit could be on third sector and communities across Wales.

The research, published today, seeks to identify what support is needed to ensure that the third sector is resilient to deal with any challenges and opportunities that Brexit may present. 

The research has shown that the third sector believe that Brexit will have a negative effect on the availability of services within the communities they serve and that those who are most vulnerable within those communities will be affected to the greatest degree.

The Welsh Government's Deputy Minister and Chief Whip, Jane Hutt said:

'The Third Sector in Wales provides a wide range of services to some of Wales' most vulnerable people and communities. We hear from the world of business about the impact that the uncertainty created by Brexit will have on them, but this is also true for the Third Sector. It influences their ability to plan, to budget and to recruit and retain staff.

'As a responsible government our Brexit planning is intensifying and we will continue to plan for all possible outcomes, despite the current backdrop of uncertainty.

'This is why we will be supporting the Wales Council for Voluntary Action, through our £50M European Transition Funding, to develop a bi-lingual online portal to support Third Sector organisations.'

WCVA's Deputy Chief Executive, Phil Fiander commented 'The research provides clear evidence that while the focus of Brexit planning is on business, the effects on the third sector and communities cannot be underestimated. This commitment to support the sector in facing these challenges is both timely and welcome.'

WCVA is now embarking on a on a package of work to address some of the recommendations from the research, and further explore specific issues such as

  • Understanding more about the impact of the Brexit process on micro-scale third sector organisations in Wales
  • Understanding how Brexit will affect Wales' rural communities

Additional funding has been provided from the European Transition Fund to support WCVA and TSSW to develop a new online portal. The portal will support the sector in building their capacity and help organisations plan for a sustainable future. 

The research report, which was completed by Resources for Change, and executive summary with recommendations can be found here and here.