12 Aug 2019

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit in conjunction with its sister projects in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England have coordinated a joint open letter to the Prime Minister regarding no-deal as well as calling on improved engagement with civil society in the Brexit process.

 Given the current context whereby:

  • The UK Government's policy is to leave the EU without an agreement on 31 October if no deal can be reached in the meantime.
  • The lack of obvious parliamentary routes to prevent this outcome.
  • The evidence suggesting that this would be the most disruptive form of Brexit for the third sector and its beneficiaries. 

We are getting in touch with a copy of the open letter, to invite organisations to add their names as signatories.   

Exiting without a deal on the 31st October may negatively impact the communities and values civil society in Wales represents, from potential disruptions of food and medicines supplies, a predicted negative impact on the economy supported by the Office for Budget Responsibility and UK Government's own economic analysis,implications for EU citizens' rights to a potentially significant impact on rural wales and the physical and mental health of those living and working there. 

Many organisations have told us that they feel that this is not in the interest of their beneficiaries and as such we are coordinating this letter to support the sector's voice in saying that that leaving the EU without an agreement in place and the valuable transition period it provides, is not a viable option. 

The current plan is to publish the letter before MPs return to Parliament on the 3rd of September. The deadline for signing the letter is 6 pm Friday 23rd August. 

If your organisation would like to be a signatory, please send the following to Charles Whitmore (whitmorecd@cardiff.ac.uk):

  • The name, in full, of the individual attributing their name to the letter
  • The job position/title of this individual
  • The name of the organisation/institution

Please feel free to circulate this letter to other organisations that may wish to sign-up. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Charles Whitmore about the letter at whitmorecd@cardiff.ac.uk. It is also helpful for our projects to understand where organisations stand on these issues, regardless of whether they can or cannot sign up to this style of initiative so that we can adjust moving forward.