12 Jul 2019

WCVA has responded to Welsh Government and WLGA’s recent Review of Strategic Partnerships.

The review looked at opportunities to 'simplify and rationalise' how strategic partnerships in Wales, for instance the work of Public Service Boards and Regional Partnership Boards, function in Wales.

In our response, we note that 'It is unclear as to how the strategic partnerships are working together to meet the health, social care and well-being needs of the local population and how citizens are engaged.' We also comment that a number of issues raised in Wales Audit Office's 2017 report, Local Government Funding for Third Sector Services, remain unaddressed, and make a number of recommendations for action by partnerships and Welsh Government. These include:

  • More effective reporting links, formalised connections and synergy in the work programmes of PSBs and RPBs.
  • A web platform for each partnership, containing minutes and membership lists, in line with open government good practice.
  • Partnerships need to work together to ensure that they have shared citizen involvement plans and approaches to capture needs and ideas.
  • Partnerships must provide strategic leadership in coproduction.
  • Ensuring the sector is a key partner in the design and implementation of any new partnership structure going forward.

You can read our full response here.