11 Feb 2019

The First Ministers of Wales and Scotland have released a joint statement about preparations to leave the EU.

In the statement, they comment that 'all the evidence we have seen to date suggests that the UK is simply not prepared for a 'no deal' Brexit in less than two months' time. Our firm view is that such an outcome to the Brexit negotiations would be a catastrophe which would cause significant short-term disruption to the lives of ordinary citizens as well as to businesses and long-term harm to our economy'.

They go on to state that although a delay to allow time to prepare for No Deal might reduce the risk of 'people in Scotland and Wales being unable to access the medicines that they need or the range of foods they want to buy', it would not prevent substantial long-term economic damage.

They conclude by saying the Prime Minister must remove No Deal from the table, legislate the remove 29 March as Exit Day, request an extension to Article 50 and abandon her 'red lines' to help increase the likelihood of a positive result in any future negotiations.