18 May 2018

Following last year’s announcement regarding Communities First, WCVA has been working with partners to develop proposals on increasing community empowerment and wellbeing.

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This has led to Empowering Communities, a new report outlining six over-arching principles to create empowered communities.

These are:

  • Recognise the importance of clarity of language and outcomes
  • Understand how place can play a key role in empowerment
  • Adopt approaches founded on Asset Based Community Development
  • Recognise the value of social capital
  • Value community anchor organisations
  • Be clear what success means

The report details how the third, public and private sectors, Welsh Government and communities themselves can work together to strengthen communities across Wales, with a number of recommended actions.

We have worked closely with Building Communities Trust and the Talwrn network in writing this report; held regular discussions with organisations including DTA Cymru, CWVYS and the Wales Co-operative Centre, and held a range of engagement sessions, including social media chats and roundtable discussions. Find out more about that here.

We also worked with Carnegie UK Trust on a joint report, Supporting Local Places and Local People: Opportunities and Challenges for Welsh Towns, work from which has fed into Empowering Communities.

The report was written by Anna Nicholl, WCVA Director of Strategy and Sector Development, and Russell Todd, former Manager of the Communities First Support Service. Anna Nicholl said: 'To empower communities, we need to do things differently and be more experimental, learning from what does and doesn't work.

'We thank everyone who engaged with us during the creation of Empowering Communities. We hope the resulting report can offer food for thought to decision-makers and the third sector, and ultimately lead to an improvement in community wellbeing across the country.'

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