16 Mar 2018

The National Assembly for Wales are to give us an insight into how devolution and the Assembly could be changing and how to engage with the consultation through a webinar, and an event in Wrexham. Both will take place in March.

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Wednesday 21 March 2018

2pm-3pm, delivered in English, with Adrian Crompton, Director of Assembly Business

Webinar aim

The National Assembly has launched a public consultation on the scope of potential electoral reforms, including the number of Assembly Members, how they are elected and the minimum voting age as well as other issues, including prisoner voting.


In this webinar The National Assembly for Wales will explain the proposals, how you can influence them and the timetable for reform.

Devolution in Wales is entering a new phase. From April the Welsh Government will have powers in areas such as energy, planning, roads and harbours.

The Assembly now has powers to agree some taxes. From 2019, this will include income tax-varying powers.

The Wales Act 2017 gives the Assembly powers over its own electoral arrangements. Last year, the Expert Panel's report on Assembly Electoral Reform, recommended that the Assembly needs between 20 and 30 additional Members elected through a more proportional electoral system with diversity at its heart. It also recommended lowering the minimum voting age for National Assembly elections to include sixteen and seventeen year olds.

You can learn more about the consultation by visiting the consultation website at www.assembly.wales/futuresenedd.

The consultation will close on Friday 6 April 2018

Who the webinar is for

This webinar is for organisations that engage with the Assembly or are affected by Welsh Government policies.

Book your place

To book you place please send your name and email address to training@wcva.org.uk


Friday 23 March

Ramada Plaza, Wrexham

6pm - 7.30pm

The event will discuss similar themes as the webinar, above, but offers the opportunity to meet officials and pose your questions in a Q&A session attended by Presiding Officer Elin Jones AM.

Book your free place here.