27 Feb 2018

Committee notes our concerns about equalities and human rights.

We responded to the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee's inquiry into how the Welsh Government is responding to Brexit. The Committee wanted to know what are the  main issues facing each sector as a result of Brexit, what advice or assistance have we received from Welsh Government and what would help us prepare for Brexit. In terms of the main issues facing the third sector, we took a steer from our recent member's surveys and highlighted the following: the weakening of equalities and human rights, the loss of funding and the threat to devolution.

The Committee noted some of our concerns within its recent report How is the Welsh Government Preparing for Brexit, with a commitment to take action to address them, including the threat Brexit poses to equalities and human rights. On this point, the Committee stated "We note the concerns expressed by the WCVA and intend to explore the implications of Brexit for equalities during the spring term 2018."

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