14 Dec 2017

Service databases come together.

Agreement has been reached for infoengine [http://en.infoengine.cymru], Wales' database of third sector services, provided by a partnership of Third Sector Support Wales members (CVCs working at local level and WCVA at national level), to connect with Dewis (https://www.dewis.wales), a database of well being services, to provide a combined repository of information for citizens about services available to them.  The integrated system will also be used by NHS Direct and NHS 111 to facilitate access and referrals to third sector services. It is intended that the link between the systems will be fully operational by the end of February 2018.

Carl Cooper, Chief Executive of the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations and lead for infoengine said: "So often we hear the cry go up from people, communities and front-line professionals: 'If only we knew what was out there!'. infoengine provides important information about voluntary sector services and the providers of these services. Over 3500 such organisations and services are currently registered within its directory. This information will now be made available via Dewis (and vice versa) in order that people do not need to look for information in more than one place, be that infoengine or Dewis. This is a major development in the cooperation and partnership between the third sector and statutory sector in Wales."