9 Mar 2017

Snapshot Survey reveals concerns of the sector

eu pic

WCVA members were recently invited to take part in a Brexit Snapshot Survey, which aimed to explore personal views around Brexit of people working in WCVA's 3000-plus member organisations.

The Snapshot Survey revealed that three quarters of respondents 'feel largely negative' about the impact of the EU referendum result on Wales, believing it has exposed problems in communities and led to an increase in hate crime.

Three quarters also believe the UK Government will not safeguard the interests of Wales during its negotiations with the EU.

However, over half of the respondents are confident or very confident that their organisation is ready for the change ahead. Over half also think the sector will survive the UK leaving the EU, although believe it will be very hard.

You can read the full results of the survey here.

The survey's findings were unveiled at WCVA's recent Gofod3 event for the third sector in Wales. There were 375 responses in total.

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive of WCVA, said: '2016 has changed forever the way that we do business in Wales and that goes for the third sector too. WCVA has a responsibility to provide a forum for charities to reflect and respond to this ever-changing social and political landscape.

'Our Brexit Snapshot Survey demonstrates that people working in WCVA member organisations care enormously about social justice and social progress. It is no surprise to me, knowing the people who work in the third sector that they prioritise safeguarding human rights over funding considerations. This provides a useful snapshot that we will include in a written evidence submission to the House of Commons Inquiry into the UK's negotiation.

'It's also clear from the survey that they want WCVA to provide direction and a clear standpoint on behalf of the third sector in the lead up to the UK leaving the EU. This is in keeping with our new strategic framework, launched late last year.'