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Project that puts people at the centre

Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO) facilitated a partnership between Bridgend Carers Centre and the Princess of Wales Hospital to help carers support discharged patients



BAVO's Making the Connections officer met with Bridgend Carers Centre and the hospital to establish a link. They in turn met with carers and patients, as well as writing an article for the hospital newsletter and producing a leaflet.

The Carers Centre and the hospital worked to identify hard to reach carers who may benefit from their services.


Prevention and early intervention

Outreach workers from Bridgend Carers Centre spent five hours per week at hospital.

The identification of hard to reach carers helps prevent problems they have before they arise.


Transformational services

Staff were able to signpost carers and patients to third sector support outside the hospital.



Feedback is received regularly from service users, with both the hospital and Bridgend Carers Centre regularly assessing the service they provide.