Our projects making a difference

For over 75 years we have been working with the third sector in Wales to strengthen communities and change lives.

Part of our work has now taken the form of projects which we manage on behalf of Government and other funders.

Our projects are tackling a range of issues by utilising the specialisms and reach of third sector organisations all across Wales.Brendan ILM

Through our projects, more people are being recruited and trained as volunteers to help deliver services that are used by people across Wales every day. Greater community-based social and economic opportunities are being developed through our investment in social enterprise.

And third sector organisations across Wales are delivering skills programmes and supported employment opportunities to job-seekers and people facing disadvantage.

Click on the project pages on the left-hand menu for a flavour of how our projects are making a difference and changing lives.


Brendan Zyborski, from Anglesey, began a career as an outdoor activities instructor after a placement with the North West Wales Outdoor Partnership was funded through one of our employability projects.