The Equality and Human Rights Coalition 


The Equality and Human Rights Coalition was established in 2004. Its purpose is to enable organisations who work in the equalities and human rights field to engage with each other, share information and good practice and influence policy, which impacts on the experiences of people who face unequal and discriminatory treatment in Wales. This is achieved by joint working on a small number of key issues of shared concern. Examples of work the Coalition has undertaken recently and minutes of the meetings are listed below.

WCVA is responsible for faciliating the network, which currently has over 100 members. Membership is open to all third sector organsiations working in the equalities and human rights field. The Coalition meets quarterly with representation from Welsh Government and the Equalties and Human Rights Commission attending most meetings to provide updates on their activity.

Chair: Maria Mesa, Women Connect First

Vice-Chair: Cath Lewis, Children in Wales

If you are interested in joining please email Jessica Williams

March 2018, EHRCo meeting with Julie James - Leader of the House and Chief Whip with responsibility for equality 

Last month, representatives from the Equality and Human Rights Coalition (EHRCo), met with Julie James following her appointment as Leader of the House and Chief Whip with responsibility for equalities. The Coalition recently prepared a paper providing their perspective on the implications of Brexit for equalities and human rights in Wales. The purpose of the meeting was to find out the Minister's position on the issues highlighted and to establish what action could be taken to address these concerns.

The Minister's position on the majority of issues raised was closely aligned to the Coalition's and it was overall a positive meeting with actions to take forward on both sides. Click here to read an overview of the discussion.