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Current consultations - updated 12.02.19

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Policy area Title Source Summary Deadline
Economy Regional Skills Partnerships National Assembly for Wales

The Committee is interested in reviewing how well Regional Skills Partnership policy is being delivered, whilst considering any views stakeholders may offer on alternative models

Education Our National Mission: A Transformational Curriculum Welsh Government

We are consulting on the legislative framework to facilitate the new curriculum's implementation

Education Changes to target setting requirements on schools Welsh Government

We want your views on proposed changes to the statutory target setting requirements on schools in W

Education Draft Additional Learning Needs Code Welsh Government

The additional learning needs (ALN) statutory framework replaces legislation on special education needs and the assessment of children and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities in post-16 education and training.

Education Draft professional standards for assisting teaching Welsh Government

We are seeking views on draft professional standards for teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants working in schools in Wales.

Education Guidance to school governing bodies on school uniform and appearance policies Welsh Government

We are consulting on the affordability, access and availability of school uniforms, gender-neutral uniforms and school uniform items for extreme weather conditions.

Education Draft Guidance to challenge Bullying in Schools Welsh Government

We are consulting on the draft anti-bullying guidance and toolkit, which has been developed to prevent and challenge bullying in schools.

Environment Draft climate change adaptation plan for Wales Welsh Government

The draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Wales meets those requirements by setting out 32 adaptation actions for Wales. We want your opinion on the draft plan.

Equality Draft national violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence indicators Welsh Government

We want your views on developing a set of national indicators to measure progress against the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015.

Equality Inquiry into the Blue Badge Scheme in Wales: Eligibility and Implementation National Assembly for Wales

The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee terms of reference for its inquiry are to consider:

· The impact of extending the eligibility criteria for a Blue Badge in Wales, and whether further extensions to the criteria are needed;

· The practical implementation and consistency of the Blue Badge scheme across Wales, including assessments, fees and enforcement, and

·  The support and information that is available to Blue Badge applicants in Wales

Health and Social Care

Community and district nursing services

National Assembly for Wales

The  Health, Social Care and Sport Committee would welcome your views on community and district nursing services in Wales.

Health and Social Care

Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales

Welsh Government

We are seeking your views on proposals to prevent and reduce obesity in Wales.

Future Generations

Measuring our nation's progress

Welsh Goverment

We want your views on proposals to set national milestones for Wales. 


Improving Public Transport

 Welsh Government

We want your views on proposals for bus services and the licensing of taxi and private hire vehicles in Wales.



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Looking for our consultation responses? Try our archive.