Our production and use of energy from unsustainable sources is one of the biggest causes of climate change.

We believe that community projects are essential when it comes to changing behaviours around energy use and to showcasing alternative models of energy production.


Get Involved!

The  Energy Savings Trust offers support to help groups to engage their communities with climate change and take action around energy efficiency and renewable energy production. Its Community Energy Hub is a new resource for those getting involved in local renewable and energy efficiency projects.

Community Energy

A range of case studies, videos and 'how-to' guides provide an introduction to the world of community energy projects as well as advice about how to get started and research into the benefits of local energy production and how  momentum towards local energy can be maintained in the face of austerity.

Blog post: Social networking for the community energy sector
Graham Ayling, head of the Energy Saving Trust Foundation explains what community groups can learn from the Community Energy Hub, what it's all about - and  whether we're on the verge of a local energy boom. 


For energy generation projects, Community Energy Wales offers a programme of practical support to inspire communities to take action and to provide:

  • educational support  to empower them to develop schemes in accordance with their needs;
  • financial advice to help implement schemes sustainably over a long-term period
  • support to influence the necessary people and policies to make these schemes a success

This is part of Community Energy Wales's aim to help create the conditions in Wales that allow community energy projects to flourish, and communities to prosper.


Communities in the lead

Renew Wales

Renew Wales
was set up by a group of community practitioners in 2012 to help 200 community groups tackle the causes and impacts of climate change. The service provides peer-to-peer advice, training, mentoring and technical support from other experienced groups which have already delivered projects in their communities.

Many of these projects have involved  community renewable energy regeneration although there are a number of other inspiring case studies on community projects including sustainable travel (car clubs and cycling), reuse and locally grown food. A highlight had been the development of Wales' first Solar PV Co-operative Egni.


Renewable Energy Locator - Green Alliance

13_renewable Energy Locator Screenshot

Further information and useful contacts:

Community Energy Wales

Renew Wales

Wales Co-operative Centre

Robert Owen Community Banking 

Welsh Government - A Toolkit for Planners 

Resource Efficient Wales

Severn Wye Energy Agency 

RenewableUK Cymru