Reducing, or finding more sustainable forms of, travel can cut costs for groups, individuals and businesses whilst also reducing pollution and carbon emissions for communities.

Around a quarter of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come from transport and in Wales, the long term trend is that emissions from transport are increasing.

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One way your group can start to think about this is through developing a Travel Plan.

Walking or cycling for some or all of your daily journeys is one of the easiest ways to fit regular exercise into a busy lifestyle. It saves you money, is good for the environment and is also brilliant for your sense of well-being - it lifts your mood, improves motivation and energises you for the day ahead. Sustrans Cymru provides information on how to encourage active travel at all stage of life including how to plan safe routes to school and a Smarter Journeys to Work tool-kit for the workplace. There is also information on cycle training, volunteer opportunities and educational resources for practical activities and the curriculum.


Cycle Network 
Love to Ride - National Cycle Challenge

The National Cycle Challenge is a fun, free competition to encourage friends and colleagues to experience first hand the joys and benefits of riding a bike - and to be in with the chance of winning some prizes in the process!

Based on tried and tested behaviour change methods, the challenge is about encouraging people onto - or back onto - a bike to break down some of the barriers that people have to cycling. To date, almost 4,000 organisations in the UK have taken part.


Have your say on Active Travel in Wales!

In 2013, the Welsh Assembly passed world-first legislation in the Active Travel (Wales) Act, for the first time placing a legal duty on councils across Wales to map out active travel routes in their communities and then start filling in the gaps. Sustrans Cymru describes this as your chance to make a difference to walking and cycling routes in your community.


Community Action


REV Cymru

In 2014 Cilgwyn Community Association undertook research into the feasibility of establishing a rural electric-vehicle car club - REV Cymru - that would improve people's access to transport - and help reduce carbon emissions - in this rural area. This was done with funding from the Welsh Government's Supporting Sustainable Living Grant Scheme delivered by Environment Wales.

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The study looked at the barriers and viability of this model including issues of cost, location and also people's attitudes and motivations. It concludes with the potential viability of this model and how it could be offered as a draft strategy for other rural communities.