Locally grown food supports the local economy and also assists with food security, thus helping ‘future proof’ the local area with regard to pressures on food and other essentials.

Food -miles

The Welsh Government's Community Grown Food Action Plan estimates that the food chain accounts for 31% of greenhouse gas emissions within the EU.

The benefits of community grown food include reduced carbon emissions at every stage from 'plot to plate' typically including reduced use of fertilisers and chemicals in production; reduced  'food miles' - the distance that produce travels from where it is grown to where it is bought - and reduced food packaging which helps to reduce waste and landfill.



Get Involved!

Many groups and organisations get involved in projects around food. As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions food-growing projects can be educational, great for physical health and mental well-being and very rewarding. You don't need a large space - a yard, balcony or even window-sills - will produce more than you think!

Garden Transformation 






If you are just getting started, the Soil Association provides a month-by-month guide of the key tasks needed for successful growing.


For groups wanting to take on slightly larger projects, please also see our Community Gardens and Growing Section.