The average employee in Wales spends more than an hour a day travelling to and from work. How we travel can make a big difference to our health, our pocket – and our environment.

If you are thinking about helping people think about the way they travel to work, school, events or meetings then Sustrans Cymru offers resources, maps and an explanation of how it all links to policy with the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013.

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Sustrans has also developed the Smarter Journeys to Work Toolkit which is designed to encourage organisations to take a fresh look at the way their staff travel to work and to help with designing and implementing a Travel Plan.  


A Travel Plan lets people know all the ways in which they can get to a site in a sustainable way, such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. By encouraging sustainable travel, effective Travel Plans can reduce costs linked to business travel, reduce congestion and car parking pressure and encourage a healthier and more productive workforce.