GwirVol and Millennium Volunteers

If you are aged between  14 and 25 years then Millennium Volunteers may be for you.

There is a Youth Volunteering Advisor (YVA) in every county, who can offer information and advice to help you find suitable opportunities for volunteering and to get recognition for your volunteering hours through Millennium Volunteers. Or take a look for yourself by browsing the Volunteering Wales website.

If you have already completed a Welsh Baccalaureate community challenge, and go on to volunteer up to a total of 50 hours  then your bacc experience can be counted towards your MV hours.  You just need to show your bacc certificate to your YVA.

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Each county also has a youth led grants panel which awards local grants to support youth volunteering.

We have recently run a consultation with young people about the Volunteering Wales youth brand, the full report can be accessed here.

If you work with an organisation that wants to involve young volunteers effectively, our information sheet on this topic may be of interest.