Keeping up to date as a manager or leader of volunteers can be a challenge, especially when the job is busy and time and finances are in short supply. Here are some options to consider:

WCVA Online learning
Visit WCVA Learning zone to see our online modules to support volunteering.  They are free to enrol and are available in English and Welsh

Getting started with volunteers
is a series of three introductory modules.  It will be especially useful to those who are developing a volunteer programme 'from scratch'. It was written with those working in the arts/heritage organisations in mind and is tailored to this context, but will be useful for those form other sectors too.

The first module explores what volunteering is, and what it isn't, the roles volunteers might take on and who needs to be consulted.

The second looks at the paperwork involved in managing volunteers and at volunteer management procedures, including recruitment and induction.

The third explores ways of measuring the impact of volunteering, both on the individual and on the organisation.

Modules can be viewed in any order.  The menu button within each unit allows you to see the main headings and jump to relevant sections of the course without having to work through it in entirety.

A wealth of templates and resources is available, relevant to each of the modules.

Involving young people as volunteers
The course will equip learners with the information they need to ensure that appropriate opportunities and safeguards are in place to enable volunteering which is rewarding to young people as well as beneficial; to your organisation.

The course defines young people here as aged 14-25 but you can adapt the advice and tips to any age - much of the learning here is best practice for all ages of volunteers.

Each section of the course has its own activities and videos or animations to engage the learner. At the end of the course the learner is encouraged to develop an action plan to help them to take the next steps to ensure their organisation is ready to take on volunteers that are 25 and under.

Training delivered by CVCs
Ask your local County Voluntary Council about training that they deliver for volunteer managers.

Many CVCs run a local forum for volunteer managers, which often includes a training element in response to participants needs and interests.

You can find your local  CVC contact here

Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services
(CAVS) offers a 5 day training course 'Managing Volunteers' which is delivered regularly according to demand.  The course offersoptional Agored Cymru accreditation, valued at 6 Credits at level 3.  The training is designed for anyone whose role involves managing or co-ordinating volunteers.

Courses available from other providers:
The Art of Managing volunteers - Learning to Inspire.  Working in partnership with WCVA this four day programme was developed to give you the tools to manage and supervise volunteers and to understand the needs and aspirations of those who volunteers.

You may like to check out the following options which can be accessed from anywhere in Wales.

Introduction to Managing Volunteers - Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd
An online course is available, aimed at new or semi -experienced managers. Course start dates and fees are publicised on the website. Courses last for a six week period and involves individual study with personal tutor support.

ILM  Level 3 Award in the Management of Volunteers - Warrington Volunteer centre. For anyone working with volunteers who would like to gain a qualification and recognition for their role as co-ordinator, leader, supervisor or manager of volunteers. The programme is delivered over a 4 month period, comprising one workshop session (in Warrington WA1 1SR) and four webinars.

DIY training resources
These resources may be of use if you want to put together your own training course for staff or volunteers.

Volunteer Solutions produce a range of products including packs to  help you in delivering training, toolkits for those working with volunteers, workshop outlines for  a wider audience and a series of self study units for volunteers

All are clearly priced on the website

The Open University  offers a course  'Using voluntary work to get ahead in the job market', available in Welsh and in English.
It is freely available under Creative Commons Licence. This means that content can be reused, adapted and embedded within your own courses: