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Local media coverage of your Volunteers Week celebration enables you to:
• Say a public thank you to your volunteers
• Raise the profile of your organisation
• Recruit volunteers

Contacting the press:
• Write to their letters page - make the letter short and informative.
• Ask the newspaper to interview a volunteer with an interesting story.
• Invite the editor to present certificates to your volunteers.
• Send a press release and invite the newspaper to your celebration - try to arrange a good photo opportunity in advance
• Join together with other groups and approach the newspaper to write a series of articles on the different kinds of voluntary activity in your area.

Many local radio stations have social action and community broadcasting programmes in their schedule, and they may be willing to set up an interview with you to publicise your event.

Types of radio interview:
• Telephone: on your own phone, presenter in the studio
• Studio: you and the presenter face to face in the radio station
• Outside: you and the presenter at a relevant location
• Panel discussion: most likely to happen in the studio
• Pre-recorded or live: pre-recorded allows you to correct any mistakes while live enables you to say much more of what you would like

Tips for radio Interviews:
• Be relaxed, it should be a fun experience: wear comfortable clothes and have a glass of water at hand.
• Check what type of interview it will be and how long it will last
• Be clear about what you want to get from the interview
• Prepare two or three 'soundbites' or key points
• Ask the presenter about the questions that will be asked; think about likely questions and practise some answers

To find out what is happening in Volunteers' Week where you live, or about volunteering opportunities available, contact your local volunteer centre.

Contact details can be found under 'contact us' on the volunteering website: www.volunteering-wales.net