11 Feb 2020

A new charter about relationships between paid workers and volunteers is shortly to be launched by WCVA and Wales TUC. Fiona Liddell considers why we need such a document.

Volunteering and workplace relationships



I am an unashamed advocate of volunteering and its potential to enhance pubic services. But if asked about the relationship between paid workers and volunteers, I'll be first to admit that sometimes, frankly, 'it's complicated'!

The general idea of volunteers involved in the delivery of public services is nothing new; voluntary roles such as magistrates, school governors and special constables are well established. Volunteers today work with paid staff in health and care, education, criminal justice, sport, arts and heritage, contributing to the fabric of public services which we take for granted.

There are lessons to be learned that can help us to steer a course which maintains a healthy balance, addressing the needs of volunteers, paid workers and the causes that they serve and avoiding the most common sources of misunderstanding and resentment.

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