7 Oct 2019

Korina Tsioni, new Quality Mark Development Officer with WCVA, talks about her first visit to an Investing in Volunteers achiever, Vision 21 site in Cardiff.

Korina's visit to Vision21


What I do
Hi I'm Korina, and I'm the new Quality Mark Development Officer with WCVA!

I'm running a 15-month research project in Wales to raise awareness of quality assurance in the voluntary sector - specifically on Trusted Charity mark (TC) and Investing in Volunteers award (IiV).

Equally I am committed to understanding and gathering opinions from the voluntary sector in Wales on the quality marks and assurances that are already in place.

What has been most challenging the last two months is understanding the audience I want to engage with (and remembering all the different County Voluntary Council acronyms!)

But I think I'm on top of it now, and I've started visiting voluntary organisations and projects, meeting with people involved with IiV.

I am looking forward to travelling around wider Wales, so I can start meeting in person the helpful colleagues from all the County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) I've been talking to.

Putting names to faces will help a lot - I have already had some inspiring email and phone discussions with some of them, who were very kind to share some of their valuable wisdom with me!

You can read Korina's blog in full here.