14 Jun 2019

Welsh gamers share skills and use welsh language through youth led grants

James, a 21-year-old volunteer was funded through the Cash4U panel to help run a young people's Welsh Language video game club and to edit the video's that are shared on the Welsh Language YouTube Channel 'Yn Chwarae' (translated to 'playing').

James wanted to pass on the skills he learnt in digital video production when teaching in a U.S Summer Camp. James tells us;

'I wanted to pass these skills on by training other young people as volunteers in digital video production in the local community, so they in turn can do the same to others and create exciting video content through the medium of Welsh.'

Through the funding from the panel, the project purchased editing software to be able to teach and train volunteers to run and edit videos for the other video game clubs that have their own Welsh Language YouTube Channels: 'Gemau Fideo' and 'Gemau Retro', a NAS drive and a portable external Hard Drive to connect the video game clubs and tutor the volunteers through sharing the video's and giving them feedback on how they can improve in between the monthly tutorial/training sessions that James provided.

James explains that he connected the clubs and contributed to a new gaming community;

'By training new volunteers for the video game clubs, it has connected the clubs and the YouTube channels and created a Welsh Language Gaming and YouTube Community. The new volunteers which have trained are now supporting other video game clubs 'Gemau Fideo' (Video Games) and 'Gemau Retro' (Retro Games)'

Young people engaging with the club told the project;

'Caru y fideos hyn!'(translated as 'Love these videos') - Welsh Beginner level learner)

'Chwarae Teg, Mea'n gwych I gweld bobl siarad yn Gymreag!' (translated as Fair Play. It's great to see people speaking Welsh)

'thank you for recording this :D it's been helping me learn Welsh! Hello from Serbia!! You earned a sub. More Cymraeg content please!!D'

'fideo da, difyr iawn, dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg, doilch am y fideo!'(Good video, really funny, I am learning Welsh, thanks for the video)

Caren, the Youth Led Grant co-ordinator shared that;

'many members that attend the youth video gaming clubs have been diagnosed with having Autism/Asperger's Syndrome. The club gives them the opportunity to socialise and express themselves using technology in a safe environment. They have created excellent friendships through being members of the club and the project through the addition of the software and storage space will take the standard of the videos to the next level and allow them to gain useful skills.'

Parents have also expressed the value of this project in providing opportunities for young people to develop their social skills and confidence.

The volunteers have improved their skills and confidence as they have detailed in their own words below;

'I feel more confident working with children and I feel as if my technology skills have improved. Which is useful as it's something I personally have an interest in. I believe the club has helped many of the children here bond with others with similar interests and I believe it has brought something for them to look forward to weekly', M, young volunteer

'Personally, the club has helped me develop numerous skills, including communication and ICT. I fully believe the club and volunteering for it would help me get a job as a video game developer in the future due to the knowledge I'm gaining. It's also great to see young people have a chance to play games and socialise in Welsh', A, young volunteer

To find out more about this project or the Youth Led Grant panel funding in Gwent, contact Caren - caren.white@gavowales.org.uk