9 May 2019

Since 2007, young people in Wales have been allocating small grants to other young people in their local communities to set up and deliver youth led community action projects.

Penarth Arts and Crafts Vale

This year marks the 13th year that these panels, supported by their local County Voluntary Council (CVC) are being allocated funding to empower young people to identify local issues and design community led interventions to raise awareness, improve circumstances or to provide opportunities for individuals or groups to get involved. Over the last 12 years, approximately 25,000* young people in Wales have set up and supported just over 2,000 projects that aim to contribute to a vast range of issues, from monitoring wildlife to preparing and delivering hampers to elderly residents, from hosting fashion shows to raise awareness of homelessness to events for young entrepreneurs on the importance of positive mental health.

WCVA are pleased to announce that for 2019/20, a further £136,400is being made available across Wales, through the Youth Led Grant panels for young people aged 14 - 25 to design, deliver and evaluate youth led volunteering projects.

The young grant makers are invited to be involved in all aspects of the grant making process from selecting their grant criteria, designing an application process, selecting the applicants for grant awards and providing follow up support and celebration.

This year the panels will be funding projects which contribute to one or more of the following priority areas of the Welsh Government's National Strategy, Prosperity for All:

  • Early years
  • Housing
  • Social Care
  • Better mental health
  • Skills and employability
  • Decarbonisation

The funding will be made available in each local authority area through the County Voluntary Council (CVC) who will recruit and support a panel of young decision makers, also aged 14 - 25.

To find out more about your local grant panel, and the eligibility criteria for funding please get in touch with your local CVC - /members-partners/third-sector-support-wales

*Figures have been calculated based on reports submitted by Youth Led Grant Coordinators from 2007/08 - 2018/19. Estimates have been used where full data set has not been provided.