12 Apr 2019

This survey is a contribution to a piece of work commissioned by Welsh Government to look at how to help and encourage more people to be involved in contributing to society through running clubs, activities or helping people on an unpaid, voluntary basis.

This is in the belief that such activities should be good for individuals and to communities and society.

Survey for volunteers
The survey therefore asks you about your volunteering experience.
If you haven't yet volunteered or become involved please still complete the survey because then there are questions to ask you why not and whether you might do so if the right opportunities arose.

Please complete the volunteers' survey here.

Survey for organisations
If you support organised but unpaid help for any organisation, club, activity or cause, then this is effectively volunteering even if you do not call this volunteering, so we would still like to hear about your experiences.

Please complete the survey for organisations here.

Please note: the term 'volunteer' is for our purposes used broadly, so for example, organised and unpaid activity in running or helping to run a sports club for young people, being a trustee of a charity, helping to run a community shop, supporting activity through professional or specialist advice, or helping to encourage wildlife and improve the environment are as much volunteering as more obvious uses of the term.

*Closing date 30th April*

You can contact Fwalls@wcva.org.uk if you have any queries.