27 Sep 2018

Fiona Liddell, Volunteering Development Manager WCVA, describes some of the assistance that is available to those looking for volunteers through the new volunteering platform.

Vol platform screenshot OG

The  new volunteering website is up and running but it is still unfamiliar to most of us. It takes time to get used to a different system (especially, perhaps, a digital one).

The website uses different terminology and has different features compared to the previous one. You may have experienced confusion yourself in trying to navigate your way; some of you have identified 'glitches' and we are grateful to have these pointed out.

We do not yet have the perfect system and few of the features we are expecting are still under development. But the basics are in place and the potential is exciting; easy self-serve access to volunteering and a range of online management capabilities including digital awards and tools for monitoring and reporting on volunteers and volunteer activity...

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