5 Jun 2018

Learn how with our new ‘Involving young people as volunteers' online training module.

YP Jump

Young people in Wales told WCVA they wanted to be able to access a range of good quality volunteering opportunities across the nation. They told us they wanted to volunteer in organisations where they felt valued, supported, and welcome.

WCVA and County Voluntary Councils already help organisations to do this and have a very handy information sheet, to help organisations prepare for young people. But, as we live in a digital age and wanted to make this more engaging for the sector WCVA commissioned the Welsh Centre of International Affairs to develop an online training module for organisations.

The training brings the information sheet to life and helps organisations to think through the practicalities of involving young people in their organisation.

The course is being hosted through the WCVA Learning Zone. The course is currently in final stages of testing and will be available soon. To sign up to take part in the course please contact gwirvol@wcva.org.uk