7 Mar 2018

HMP Berwyn has opened recently in Wrexham. A number of voluntary organisations are involved in the rehabilitation of the men and offer support to their families.


One such organisation is PACT Through the Gate project which offers support to families. A volunteer placed by Wrexham Volunteer Centre with the organisation tells her story:

'A short time after starting my university course I decided to do some volunteering, but I had no idea what I wished to do.  After contacting AVOW, I went in to discuss what would be involved. Staff in the Volunteer Centre at AVOW had a wealth of knowledge and I felt completely at ease as we went through any requirements that both myself and the various organisations were looking for.

It was then I decided that I would like to be a mentor for PACT Through the Gate, which is a charity that works with vulnerable offenders on their day of release from prison.

I have been volunteering with PACT for the past 8 months, in which time I have met many different people from all walks of life and have been to various different places. The hands on knowledge I have gained from volunteering, realising the difficult lives some people lead has been immense. And the chance to make a positive difference to someone's life is very rewarding; I have received wonderful feedback from numerous clients.

The best news of all is that I have been offered a part time job working as a mentor for PACT.   I have found volunteering to be a worthwhile and positive experience both for myself and the people I work with.'