1 Mar 2018

Jan has been able to use the skills developed in her working life to helping others in Bridgend in her retirement. She tells her story.


I volunteer at Princess of Wales hospital on the reception desk and the Food Shed serving and delivering meals to local homes in Bridgend.  Having time on my hands I visited BAVO's Volunteer Centre offices to discuss volunteering, I wanted to be productive, to meet new people in a new environment which was different from my previous job - something new!'

'Volunteering has helped me make new friends, given me back some lost confidence, allowed me to use skills I once had in a previous job helping with my confidence to deal with people, volunteering made me a productive member of the community given me a sense of worth and self esteem. Made me realise and appreciate that in retirement, I can still contribute to society in a positive way helping others and myself.'

'BAVO's Volunteer Centre matched my needs to possible volunteering they made suggestions which had never crossed my mind.  Opened doors, put me in contact with possible organisations and volunteer opportunities they helped me find the perfect volunteer opportunity for me.'
'Volunteer has allowed me to rethink about getting a part time job as the volunteering has reminded me I still have useful and important skills that since retirement, I haven't used.  Time to re-invent myself perhaps with my confidence back.'