2 Jan 2018

Funding is available for two pieces of commissioned work to improve youth volunteering for young people in Wales.

Insight gathered from recent consultations with young people across Wales and other key stakeholders has highlighted two key issues;

1. The need to improve and promote good practice in youth volunteering in Wales.

Specifically young people would like to be able to easily access a range of engaging and meaningful social action and / or youth volunteering opportunities. Young people want roles that fit around their interests, aspirations and availability. It is important to these young people that they feel trusted and supported as volunteers.

2. The need to improve the use of digital technology in the way in which the third sector interacts with prospective and current young volunteers.

Specifically, young people would like to see the digital social platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram used more frequently as a means to find out about volunteering, associated content and to help them to understand the impact they can make as volunteers, to themselves, and to the wider community.

The outcomes for the commissioned pieces of work are outlined in the RfQ (Request for Quote) documents which are available to download. The deadline for quotes to be submitted is the 30th January 2018

The funding for this project has been allocated from the Welsh Government, Volunteering Wales Grants to focus on improving youth engagement across the third sector in Wales.

For further information or questions please contact Felicitie Walls at WCVA, fwalls@wcva.org.uk