10 Nov 2017

This big, and sometimes controversial question, is on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting of the Volunteering Wales Network on Thursday 16 November. The Network is preparing a paper for presentation and discussion at WCVA Gofod3 event in Cardiff next March.

Public bodies need to work more closely with local communities and Third Sector organisations in order to maximise effective delivery of a range of public services, in the light of reducing budgets but increasing need.  

And the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act encourages longer term thinking, greater collaboration and an eye for preventative interventions where possible.  

Volunteers have much to contribute to the welfare of our communities, but volunteer programmes need proper planning, scoping and resourcing. Volunteers should not be regarded simply as 'free labour' but allowed to develop meaningful services differently. 

The Volunteering Wales Network welcomes those who have an interest in national volunteering policy and practice in Wales. It meets three times a year by video conference in Cardiff, Rhyl and Aberystwyth and members keep in touch by email in between meetings. You are welcome to join the mailing list and come to meetings as and when availability allows it, or when something relevant to your interests is on the agenda. 

For more information about the Network contact Fiona Liddell fliddell@wcva.org.uk