13 Mar 2017

An event volunteering certificate has been developed as part of the Volunteering Spirit Wales project, a project looking to improve the involvement and management of volunteers at events.

Event Volunteering Certificate VSW large

As many volunteer managers know, recognition is a key aspect of working with volunteers, and as such recognition forms one of the six themes of the project. Volunteers at events will often be thanked personally for their contributions, but it can be hard, particularly at bigger events, to personally thank every volunteer.

The new certificate allows for volunteers at events to be recognised and thanked, with something tangible that can also be kept as a memory of their experience volunteering at the event.

The certificate is available for organisations to use with volunteers of all ages. In the case of young volunteers aged 14-25 years old, the hours volunteered at events can contribute towards their Millennium Volunteers (MV) hours.

While people who regularly volunteer for an organisation are often recognised with methods such as MV certificates, resources like this have not previously been available for event volunteers.

Youth input has contributed to the design of the certificate, following work with Disability Sport Wales and focus groups with their young volunteers. The final certificate design is colourful, eye catching, and designed with a range of events in mind, with images following themes of sport, drama, festivals and more.

The event certificate is now on the WCVA website and can be viewed here. You can also find guidance on the use of the certificate for...

Volunteering Spirit Wales is a 2 year project funded by Spirit of 2012 which aims to improve the quality of volunteer involvement in public events. It is focussing on different aspects of volunteer management through six pilot studies undertaken with partner organisations and involving six different events around Wales.

For more information or to order certificates please get in touch with Althea Cooley: acooley@wcva.org.uk

Recognition of volunteers is central to this year's Volunteers Week with the theme 'you make the difference' encouraging organisations to thank their volunteers and celebrate the difference they make. Volunteers Week 2017 will take place from 1-7 June.