22 Mar 2017

As part of the Volunteering Spirit Wales project, a scorecard has been created as a tool for volunteers to reflect on their volunteering experience and its impact.

Volunteering Spirit Wales is a 2 year project funded by Spirit of 2012 which aims to improve the quality of volunteer involvement in public events. We are very pleased to be launching the skills scorecard, a new resource developed by WCVA in partnership with Disability Sport Wales during the project.

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The scorecard is a colourful and eye-catching resource, focussing on 8 different areas of competency, including problem solving, creativity and teamwork. The competencies have been defined in line with Disability Sport Wales' ROAR peer support and mentoring project, which aims to develop young disabled people through sport leadership and volunteering opportunities.

With inclusivity in mind, the scorecard is available in 2 different formats; a standard and an easy read version. There is also a peer assessment version to enable a supportive mentor to give an independent view

Although the scorecard has been designed as part of the event volunteering project, it is a flexible resource that can be used both in events and in longer term volunteering programmes, working to measure the effect and impact of long and short term volunteering on volunteers themselves. Furthermore, it can be a useful tool for event organisers to use in assessing the impact of their event and benefits to those involved.

One benefit of the scorecard is that it really allows volunteers to reflect on their personal development, which can have valuable practical applications for their futures - in situations such as preparing for job applications and interviews. This makes the volunteering experience more meaningful and helps volunteers with their future journey.

In addition to being a tool for reflection, the scorecard encourages discussion between volunteers and supervisors - whether that is volunteer managers or other volunteers acting as mentors. It can therefore form the basis of introductory mentoring programmes with organisations looking to start mentoring initiatives among their volunteers. The parallel assessment by volunteers and mentors encourages and allows the volunteer to identify, with greater self awareness, particular areas of strength or areas to work on.

The scorecard is not accredited or a means of formal recognition, but provides a way for volunteers to recognise their own progress, with evidence and examples. In terms of recognition, the scorecard works well alongside the new Event Volunteering certificate which has also been developed as part of the Volunteering Spirit Wales project.

The Event Volunteers Skills Scorecard is now available in hard copy or to download here. Alternatively you can access the Easy Read version here and the Peer Assessment version here.

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If you are interested in having a supply of hard copies, or would like any more information please contact Althea Cooley: acooley@wcva.org.ok.

Recognising the skills developed by volunteers in and out of events feeds into the theme of this year's Volunteer's Week: 'you make the difference'. It is important to consider the difference volunteers are making to themselves as well as wider communities. Volunteer's Week 2017 takes place from 1-7 June.