16 Dec 2015

Measuring ‘distance travelled’ by volunteers

If you have any methods of recognition and documenting competencies in relation to volunteers that are involved with events that you'd be happy to share with us or if you'd like to hear more about what we develop as part of the project then please do get in touch.

When people begin to recognise the competencies they've gained and the distance travelled - they begin to have a plan for life. It also assists with recognising when volunteers are having difficulties - not necessarily with their volunteering role but maybe in their personal life and how volunteering may contribute to making this better for them.

WCVA and Disability Sport Wales are working together on developing a methodology to enable volunteers to recognise and articulate skills and competencies gained in relation to enhancing employability. Around 50 volunteers have been involved in a series of events over the 18 month period of the Inclusive Futures project - about 50% of the volunteers have a learning disability http://disabilitysportwales.com/

Darren Wyn Jones, Inclusive Futures Regional Co-ordinator has been working on a tool to prepare their young volunteers who may have additional support needs prior to supporting the delivery of their Regional Camp in January 2016 and has highlighted key competencies that we'll develop together in relation to the project.

We've also been looking at The Rickter Scale and talked to various organisations that have already made good use of the tool. It's a unique motivational, multi-sensory assessment and action planning process, designed specifically to measure soft outcomes and distance travelled http://www.rickterscale.com/
This tool can be used with volunteers at a very early stage of their recruitment i.e. just after induction training with a prompt for them to think back to when they first started their volunteering role to capture exactly how they felt and why they're volunteering.

The only drawback on this particular tool is that it's costly so we're looking at developing something ourselves and sharing this as part of the Volunteering Spirit Wales project.

Volunteering Spirit Wales is a 2 year project funded by Spirit of 2012 which aims to improve the quality of volunteer involvement in public events. It will focus on different aspects of volunteer management through six pilot studies undertaken with partner organisations and involving six different events around Wales.

Please get in touch with Nia Ramage: nramage@wcva.org.uk                               #VolSpiritWales