WCVA was commissioned in 2017, to produce online resources to support those who are working with volunteers in the culture/heritage sector.

National Library of Wales

The project was funded as part of the  Welsh Government Fusion programme.

WCVA has worked with PAVS and Pembrokeshire College to produce a set of three online learning modules, 'Getting Started with Volunteers'.

They have been targeted at those working in the cultural sector but will be relevant to those in other sectors too


The modules are:

  • Understanding volunteering- an introduction to the scope and possibilities of volunteering including what it is, who does it and why, different types of volunteering. It encourages learners to think about what it might be beneficial for volunteers to do within their own organisation and some initial steps to take toward becoming ready for volunteers.
  • Management and support for volunteering - introduces tools for recruiting and managing volunteers and how to actively encourage a diverse range of volunteers, including those who may need additional support.
  • Recognising volunteers and measuring impact - introduces ways of showing appreciation and giving recognition to volunteers. It looks at what we mean by impact, suggesting some ways in which we can measure the impact of a volunteering programme on different parties, and the personal impact of volunteering on the individual

Downloadable resources including templates, forms and examples of relevant documentation are available and interactive quizzes are included, for learners to check out their understanding of the subject matter.

  Cynefin Project - museum


The resources are currently being built on the WCVA Learning Zone. We are expecting to launch them in April and will be keen to encourage people to sign up and try it out  then.  If you would like to be kept in touch please contact fliddell@wcva.org.uk.



      Funded by WG    PAVS  Pembrokeshire College