An on-line learning resource has been developed for those who work with volunteers. It provides a basic introduction to volunteer management, including free downloadable templates and resources.

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Who is it for?

Getting Started with Volunteers is targeted at those working within the culture and heritage sector.  It will assist you in developing volunteering programmes which are inclusive, supportive and well managed and which maximise the benefits both to the individual and to the organisation.

The resource is relevant more widely too!  Getting Started with Volunteers is a useful learning tool for anyone who is at the early stages of planning or developing volunteering within their organisation.

What does it cover?
Module 1

Understanding volunteering- an introduction to the scope and possibilities of volunteering including what it is, who does it and why, different types of volunteering. It encourages learners to think about what it might be beneficial for volunteers to do within their own organisation and some initial steps to take toward becoming ready for volunteers. 

Module 2

Management and support for volunteering - introduces tools for recruiting and managing volunteers and how to actively encourage a diverse range of volunteers, including those who may need additional support.


Module 3

Recognising volunteers and measuring impact- introduces ways of showing appreciation and giving recognition to volunteers. It looks at what we mean by impact, suggesting some ways in which we can measure the impact of a volunteering programme on different parties, and the personal impact of volunteering on the individual.

Interactive quizzes are included, for learners to check out their understanding of the subject matter.

Downloadable resources including templates, forms and examples of relevant documentation are provided as well as links to other useful websites.

How do I use it?

You will need to create an account on the WCVA Learning Zone.  Access to the course is free.  You can complete modules in any order and can browse and download resources from the resource area.

The course is narrated, so audio headphones may be needed; or you may prefer to read the transcripts available and work through modules at your own pace. 

Getting Started with Volunteers was produced by PAVS (Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services), working in conjunction with Pembrokeshire College e- learning team.  It was commissioned by WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action) and funded by Welsh Government as part of the Fusion programme.

The Fusion programme aims to create opportunities through culture. It promotes volunteering as a means of enabling individuals to gain skills and experience that will help them to find paid work.

Many people have been involving in shaping the final resources, to whom thanks and credit is due.

These organisations participated in a 'reference group', providing advice, guidance and support to the project from July 2017 - February 2018: 

  • CADW
  • National Museum of Wales
  • National Trust
  • Voluntary Arts Wales
  • Wales for Peace
  • Wrexham County Borough Museum and Archives
  • Welsh Government (Museums and Libraries Division)

Fusion project partners also gave feedback on the content of the learning materials. Many organisations have generously shared resources, photos, contacts and ideas.


Your feedback welcome
We welcome feedback on your experience of using this material.
After each module you are invited to give feedback - and we encourage you to do so.

Or comments can be sent to or phone 03001110124

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