Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for organisations that involve volunteers.

If your organisation involves volunteers in its work, and you want to ensure that the volunteering experience is of real benefit both to volunteers and to the organisation, then it is worth checking out Investing in Volunteers.

WCVA manages Investing in Volunteers in Wales.

How will Investing in Volunteers help my organisation?
If you are thinking of involving volunteers...
It will help you to plan systems of volunteer management which are based upon recognised good practice. You can download the standard free of charge. It can help you identify what needs to be included within job descriptions and work programmes to get a successful volunteer programme off the ground.

If you involve volunteers but have no or few policies and procedures in place...
It will help to raise awareness of volunteering issues and to create a more structured environment for volunteers and their managers.
It will also enable you to make better use of volunteers' skills and contributions and to put in place appropriate documentation for effective volunteer management.

If you have a well established and organised volunteer programme in place...
It will help you to identify and address weak spots and to refresh or strengthen existing good practice, ensuring that it remains embedded within your organisational culture and processes. 

It will raise the profile of volunteering both within your organisation and with external stakeholders. And it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you do a good job, and the evidence to show it!  

What organisations say about Investing in Volunteers
We aim to get feedback from organisations at the start and the end of the Investing in Volunteers process, by asking them to complete an online survey. These articles are based on the analysis of organisations undertaking Investing in Volunteers during 2011-2012.  Read more about what organisations say of their experience.
How do organisations benefit from Investing in Volunteers?
Why do organisations opt for Investing in Volunteers?

Evaluation reports
Investing in Volunteers Impact Assessment 2013 - January 2014
Investing in Volunteers Impact Assessment 2013 - Summary report - January 2014
Investing in Volunteers End of Year report 2014-15

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