Here we explore other necessary considerations in the build up to your event. This section covers topics such as recruitment, promotion and volunteer contact.

A few months before event -

  • Plan in meetings (including one at the venue a week to ten days before the event) with key staff and partners, including emergency service staff and funders if relevant.

    • Make sure you are clear about things like:

      • Storage of volunteers belongings at the event, 

      • where you can store any relevant equipment or resources, (e.g. volunteer T-shirts or refreshments)

      • Parking

      • Will you and/or volunteers need passes/parking permits? If so, how will you get hold of them?

      • Is there someone that could act as your 'second in command'? For instance, someone who could step in if you became ill

  • Keep recruiting for volunteers if necessary
  • Keep responding to volunteers as soon as they contact you.  (See Initial response example)
  • Consider setting up Social Media groups if appropriate, e.g. Face Book page, or linking with your volunteers via Twitter.
  • Familiarise yourself with public transport to and from the venue
  • Order event volunteer t-shirts or lanyards.  If you aren't yet in a position to be able to specify sizes and numbers, make contact with the company and find out their deadlines for ordering.
  • Start writing volunteer briefing notes with input from key staff and partners. (See Mental Health Arts festival volunteer briefing notes as an example)
  • Draw up Volunteer expense claim forms if they don't already exist