Visit this page for your all-important last minute checks – here we cover packing, back up plans and final confirmations.


  • Double check that you know whether any volunteers have support, access or dietary requirements.  (This information should be available from their completed Event volunteer personal details.
  • Make sure you have arranged any necessary support for volunteers 
  • Make sure you have arranged for volunteer food and refreshments
  • Draw up a clear timetable of duties for each volunteer
  • Plan venue visit with volunteers 
  • Re-visit the venue to re-acquaint yourself with it, unless you know it very well.
  • Start drafting:
    • To take list (see example from Mental Health Arts festival volunteer co-ordinator.)
    • Briefing notes for your volunteers.  See Mental Health Arts festival briefing notes as an example.
  • Create back up plans with the help of a colleague.  (See What if something goes wrong? guidance sheet)
  • With the consent and knowledge of the relevant volunteer, if there are any volunteers with specific support needs or medical conditions, make sure that relevant staff and other volunteers etc are aware of this
  • Run Volunteer training sessions (if appropriate) - see Planning training guidance
  • Take volunteers to visit venue if possible
  • Chase volunteers who haven't returned their completed personal details form yet  
  • If you haven't already done so, send all volunteers final details of what they will be doing, what times their shift is, practical details such as how to claim expenses, where to meet etc. See example Mental Health Arts Festival Final confirmation to volunteers.
  • If you haven't yet had a personal contact with the volunteer (i.e. phone call or face to face meeting rather than email), make arrangements to do so at least a couple of weeks before the event.  If necessary, update volunteer briefing notes and volunteer information with any new information or changes
  • Send out your plans and timetables for the Volunteer event team to all key staff and partners asking them to let you know ASAP if they spot any problems
  • Photocopy anything needed that is unlikely to change prior to the event
  • Meet with all key staff and partners at the event location to ensure everyone is in agreement about how volunteers will be involved in the event
  • If volunteers are eligible for free refreshments or food at the venue, clarify whether they need anything e.g. a pass for that.  Or can a tab be set up?

1 week to 10 days before event

  • Send out final confirmation details to volunteers again to make sure they will have seen them. Make sure they have your contact number! See example 
  • Arrange petty cash if you are likely to need it to pay volunteer expenses at the event
  • Finalise your to take list
  • Do any necessary shopping
  • Finish any photocopying & compiling of documents
  • Pack

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