We’ve just launched our brand new online learning website offering a range of courses and resources specifically tailored for the third sector in Wales.

WCVA's Learning Zone offers an accessible and easy way to learn online. The site will host a range of standalone courses, as well as provide additional content and resources to enhance our traditional classroom based sessions.

If you're new to online learning, fear not! The Learning Zone provides simple guidance for everything you will need including:

  • setting up your account
  • navigating the site
  • progressing through a course
  • getting in the learning 'zone' - how to prepare yourself to learn online

What's on the Learning Zone right now?

Visit www.learningzone.wales right now to get your online learning journey started. These courses are ready, available and free of charge to all:

Getting fit for fundraising

Getting fit for fundraising

If your organisation is new to fundraising this course explores the practical issues to consider before you begin. It helps participants understand what is meant by fundraising and the various sources of income available, to decide whether your organisation is fit for purpose and understand the legal requirements and best practice in fundraising. It will also help you appreciate the skills required to plan and manage your fundraising successfully.

Legal Structures 
Introduction to legal structures and charitable status

Find out more about the different legal structures that are available to not-for-profit organisations, and what it means to have charitable status. This course will look at the difference between incorporated and unincorporated organisations and consider the main types of legal structures and their advantages and disadvantages. You'll also find out when an organisation may want, or need, to change its legal structure and what is meant by 'charitable status' as well as its advantages and limitations.

WFG Act Course 
The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act - The essentials

Get an overview of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and its relevance to third sector organisations. This course will take you through:

  • what the Act covers
  • which public bodies are included in the Act
  • how the Act works
  • how the Act will be implemented and monitored
  • the role of the Auditor General for Wales and the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales
  • what the Act means for the third sector
  • how to find out further information

Coming soon to the Learning Zone

Content will be updated regularly and new courses added so make sure to visit the site to see what's new. Here's a look at what's coming up:

Introduction to data protection and confidentiality (refresher course)

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out a number of requirements that most organisations have a legal duty to comply with, including those working in the third sector. It is important that those working in your organisation are aware of what needs to be done to act lawfully in this area, avoiding potentially large fines for data breaches and ensuring that you protect your reputation.

Working with outcomes

In today's economic climate understanding and demonstrating your impact will not only help you build good working relationships with funders but can also help you improve your planning mechanisms resulting in more effective service delivery. This training course will introduce you to the steps involved in planning, managing and developing an outcomes approach to your work.

Introduction to trust fundraising

There are nearly 9,000 grant-making trusts in the UK. Who are they? What do they fund? How can you find out more about them? What makes a successful application? This introductory course for those new to trust fundraising will answer these questions and more. It will focus on those trusts with a particular interest in Wales.

If there are any courses not currently offered that you would like to see please contact us to let us know.