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Academi Wales: Great leadership through learning

Academi Wales has been developed as our response to a key Programme for Government commitment - establishing a national centre for leadership excellence to support the delivery of efficient and effective public services in Wales.

It builds upon the expertise and links that Public Service Management Wales (PSMW) has developed in its support of leaders and managers across the Welsh public sector. Existing PSMW learning and development products will be gradually moved into Academi Wales.

Why do we need it?

Great leadership is at the heart of any great organisation. That's why it's so important that senior managers from throughout the public sector in Wales are able to access the best leadership development opportunities available.

What are the benefits?

Greater expertise
Academi Wales brings together the best existing leadership programmes, services and resources from within local government, NHS and Higher Education.

Greater credibility
Positioned as an authority in the leadership development field, Academi Wales sets the bar for public service leaders in Wales.

Greater collaboration
Academi Wales maximises opportunities for those working across the Welsh public service to learn together and share experiences.

Greater value for money
By combining resources and streamlining learning opportunities, Academi Wales ensures maximum value for the Welsh pound.

How do you find out more about Academi Wales?
Academi Wales was formally launched in September 2012 by the Minister for Local Government and Communities.

For further information on Academi Wales and its programmes please visit, or email Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to somebody about Academi Wales, or any of its programmes, please call 029 2082 6687.