Are you responsible for project planning once current funding has come to an end?

To help organisations consider all the requirements of a structured project closure
A project by its definition is finite and always has a start, middle and an end. Closing down a project is a key process in the overall lifecycle of a project but is frequently overlooked. This interactive webinar will help you to close down your project in a structured, logical manner.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:
  • Understand the key components of project closure and their importance
  • Be alert to problems that may need to be resolved in the closure stage
  • Be able to start planning an effective closure
Who this course is for
Staff and board members of frontline voluntary and community organisations with a responsibility for project management and/or fundraising. The course is suitable for those new to project management and those wishing to gain an insight into the process of project closure.
Additional information
2pm - 3pm
8 February 2018 (0 Days) - .
Dewi Smith
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