Using our Network Toolkit to help you set up a new, or refresh an existing network.

This workshop explores how to establish a successful network, with practical ideas, tips and participatory methods for setting up a new network, and for refreshing and re-focusing an existing network.
They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts… we know things should work better when we work together. The workshop will be practical and participative. Participants are invited to bring along a project they are working on at the moment, or ideas for future projects so that they can apply their learning to a practical piece of work.
Learning outcomes
There will be tips for successful partnership working, agreeing your shared purpose, aims and objectives and writing terms of reference.
Who this course is for
Practitioners within the third and public sectors who have a responsibility for engaging with the stakeholders, service users and the public.
Additional information
10am - 1pm
1 March 2018 (0.5 Days) - WCVA, Rhyl (LL18 3EB)
Einir Roberts
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