If you are looking for local, good value training, take a look at what is offered through our Courses for Communities Cymru training programme.

County Voluntary Councils and Volunteer Centres deliver this training for community and voluntary groups in your region, at a cost of just £20 per person.

The courses are arranged under four key areas:

  • Setting up and running your organisation
  • Managing resources and people
  • Working with others/working in partnership
  • Finding and getting money

The courses are either one day or half a day and give you a great chance to meet people from other local organisations, and they are run by local CVC and VC staff who are in touch with what you need as a local organisation.

In 2014/15, we delivered 406 courses through this programme to 3607 learners;

To find a local course please see the course listing below.  For further details or to make a booking contact the relevant CVC, click here. for their contact details.

These courses are supported by the Welsh Government, under the Partnership Agreement.

Courses for Communities in