Many funders want clear evidence that your projects are what your beneficiaries really want. What’s the best evidence to demonstrate your need for support? In this webinar, we’ll show you the best way to build that evidence so that you have greatest chance success with your fundraising efforts.

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22 January 2018- 2pm-3pm



We want to you to feel confident about collecting evidence, consulting with beneficiaries and using evidence to make a compelling case for funding.


We will use real examples of the kind of evidence that funders and donors are looking for and then take you through some simple and effective methods of data collection - that wont cost you a penny.

Learning outcomes

Understanding of the importance of evidence in creating effective fundraising

Understanding of some basic research and consultation techniques that be made part of your daily tasks

Who the webinar is for?

This session is aimed at anyone who is working in a heritage organisation and delivers projects or activities and is considering applying for funding from the lottery bodies as well as trusts and foundations. You do not need to have fundraising experience.

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