We will explore the unique pressures of fundraising and how to successfully deal with those pressures.

31 January 2018 - Caerphilly

1 day


  • Develop resilience skills.  Understand the key ingredients of a resilient nature and learn and enhance our ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  • Explore and develop personal coping strategies and simple techniques to reduce general stress levels for fundraising staff and to address stress dynamically as it arises
  • Understand the importance of a positive approach to work, developing a personal toolkit to use to enhance our mood and our energy levels.

Participants will learn how to trigger the relaxation response and how to cope in a crisis. We will run a number of practical exercises including addressing dysfunctional breathing, relaxation exercises and meditation. Finally we will explore lifestyle choices, life balance and how to develop a positive outlook

Learning objectives

  • Work smarter and realise potential
  • Deal successfully with challenges as they arise both in the workplace and elsewhere and recover quickly from setbacks
  • Reduce general stress levels resulting in a more relaxed, enjoyable but effective working life
  • Focus on success.

Target group 

As a senior manager and trainer, Richard has a wealth of experience of coaching and mentoring individuals and working with groups to develop their potential and he maintains this hands-on experience by continuing to work as Deputy CEO and Director of Income Generation for Prospect Hospice in addition to his work as a trainer, coach and mentor. Richard has 28 years of fundraising experience in organisations as diverse as Save the Children, RNIB, ActionAid and Worldwide Volunteering in addition to working in the wine trade and as a potter in his early career.

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