Who’s responsible for fundraising in a charity with no fundraisers? You are! But it isn’t as terrifying as you think!

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5 February 2018, Free


Who's responsible for fundraising in a charity with no fundraisers? You are! But it isn't as terrifying as you think! In this webinar, we'll tell you where to start so that your organisation can start building the foundations of an effective fundraising strategy.  


This session will introduce some basic planning principles around fundraising. Explain the types of fundraising and how they match with different sources of funding. It will explain how to identify the types of funding that your organisation needs and help you to work with your organisation to determine the best approaches as well as some understanding of which skills you might need to develop

Learning outcomes

Understanding of a range of fundraising techniques and an introduction to fundraising strategy

Who the webinar is for?

For anyone doing fundraising as just part of their day job.

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